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Angwin, CA 94508
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Mrs. Butler (Secretary)  

Mrs. Cordis (Kindergarten)  

Mr. Crow (7th)  

James Dick (Principal)

Tania Duncan (2nd)

Mrs. Escandon (Spanish)  

Mr. Fisher (5th/6th)  

Mrs. Fox (3rd Math)  

Mrs. Hansel (8th)  

Mrs. Hayes (Ext. Care)  

Wendy Henry (1st)

Julie Jensen (5-6 Lang Arts)

Mr. Jeske (4th)  

Mrs. Miller (3rd)  

Mrs. Narducci (Music)  

Vernon Jeske, M.A.

Click to see larger image.Mr. Jeske is PUCE's 4th grade teacher. He also teaches 5th & 6th grade social studies.

In this photo, Mr. Jeske is reading aloud to a kindergarten class.
(Photo courtesy of Duane Cronk)


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